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Originally Posted by logo33 View Post
Hello everyone-

I am new to the forum. My very first build is in the beginning planning stages. I am, realistically, giving my self a couple of years to finish this. I do not have any motorcycle experience, but while a completely different beast, I have built several guitars and amplifiers in the past, and believe that this is something that I can do.

I plan on building a killer old school bobber. I will either use a kraft tech or a thompson choppers frame for the build.

My question, and really the final details that need to be planned is this: Tire size.

I originally really dug the Sucker Punch Sally 66 bobber with the 180 front and rear tires. Since then, I have discovered another custom build with a 240 rear and a 160 front.

What will the pros and cons of each be? Would the 240 rear tire make it sluggish and slow to respond? Which would be a better option? I tend to ride decently hard, but have no false aspirations of a bobber handling like a sport bike, but would like it to maneuver fairly easily, as there are some nice winding country roads here in TN that I enjoy riding,

Aesthetically, I like both, but this is very much going to be a performance based build.

Thank you all very much for your time and advice.

Logan Thompson
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