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I wasn't complaining,...really. Just noticing how the activity seems to be at an all time low here.

I was a WCC fan before the masses found out Jesse James wasn't just the name of an old wild West outlaw. I was into hot rods and muscle cars before bikes, and into them deeper,..and it remains that way.

But, I've always had a Harley, still have one, and yes the rigid chopper build is still in the garage on the lift. I've built and worked on, (painted) quite a few hotrod projects in recent years, and had some health issues, so the chop has had a permanent place on the back burner, but at least I didn't bail on it and sell everything like a lot of "fad" builders did. It will get done someday soon, and when I ride that CFL somewhere, my WCC shirt will most likely be the only WCC shirt at the bar, rally, bike show, or event, it usually was before the first Motorcycle Mania documentary aired on Discovery.

I like it that way.

I'm glad every Tom, Dick, and Mary that decided they wanted to be a biker, came to their senses and got out of the hobby/sport.

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