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I have mixed feelings on the fad being over, I've always run in circles where bikes ruled so it seemed kind of normal to me when it finally made it to TV and became part of pop culture, however, that led to the $100,000 chopper and the attitude that if you don't have a billet, WCC, OCC, FU, UP YOURS, latest greatest wiz bang so and so then your bike sucks bullshit. I've noticed lots of guys needing advice on repairs lately which is pretty cool 'cause that means they're riding them, plus unless you love the building process you can buy a chop really, really cheap and then make it your own. Also I've noticed the Revtech, Ultima, and DNA sucks rants have pretty much gone away too which, to me, is a good thing because not everyone can afford a $3000 front end, hell, my first chop was my pride and joy, was beautiful(to me), and I bet I didn't have $1500 in that whole bike. That being said, I don't ride my hardtail every day anymore(haven't for 20 years), but now that I can afford multiple bikes there will always be a "chopper" in my stable.
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