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Originally Posted by STEINBVG View Post
..I never had them loose or never had horrors of shaking the crankshaft / flywheels untrue... I guess I,m taking my chances.
At the risk of causing a debate, I'm not sure how much faith I have in the theory that you can move your flywheels out of true on one of these newer bottom ends by removing that nut with an impact gun, maybe by tightening it but even then it's doubtful. When you consider the stress put on that pulley during wheel hop I would think that puts lots of crazy hammer like hits on the flywheels with no dire results. In 1985 I had an old timer tell me I just ruined my bottom end by removing the crank pulley nut on my Sportster with an impact so since I was splitting the cases I checked the flywheels and they were fine, and believe me, I hit that thing HARD with the impact before it moved.
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