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oil pressure issues

I tried the search feature but apparently am not smart enough to get it to work.
I got this bike in a trade and did not much more than hear it run. so I know nothing about it. supposed to have less than 2000 miles on it.
pressure comes up to 20 or so when I start it but in just a few seconds it drops to nothing. even when up to hiway revs. pumps up to 10 or so in just a few cranks if I just crank it and don't try to start it. It has a new gauge on it. I changed the oil and filter and cleaned the witch's hat. It is a 100 inch Revtech.
I did a google search and the first search result was saying that the pump usually dosnt go bad, that the spring in the pressure relief valve is usually the problem. I did not dig through all the other results. I knew somebody here could help and I could ask questions instead of just reading.

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