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more information is leaking out , hold on tight to your iodine pill bottles !

Roger Witherspoon: A Lasting Legacy of the Fukushima Rescue Mission: The Navy Life -- Into the Abyss

"JACK GROB: Okay, guys, I apologize for bothering you, but things are degenerating quickly. This reminds me of the drill. [...]

what's really troubling is that we, we have had that wind shift -- the Chairman's here, by the way -- we've had that wind shift and the wind is out of the northeast blowing towards the southwest. That's inland and towards Tokyo. And there's an aircraft carrier in the port just south of Tokyo. It's about 180 miles from the site, about 10 miles southwest of Tokyo, and they're measuring on the order of 10 to 20 millirem over a 12-hour period total effective dose and roughly five to 10 times that, thyroid. [...]

JACK GROB: The, the answer is the dose rates don't seem to be consistent either with what would be released or with the timing that it would take for a plume to get 180 miles away from the site to the southwest.

MIKE WEBER: Yeah, well, that's what I struck me when you told us what's going on.

JACK GROB: Yet, but the, the feedback through Trapp from the admiral is that they used multi* instruments and confirmed this in multiple ways [BLACKED OUT]


JACK GROB: They do operate nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, so they must have a level of competence that's fairly decent. [...]"
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