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Rough trip, but bike did great all the way to Jax (1000 miles). Got stuck in traffic for a wreck on I10 and that TP was hot as hell, blued the pipe hot. sputtered in Jax, pulled over, wouldn't start. ran to Scooters Saturday, replaced battery, got to Daytona, and on way back Sunday, got to Jax and wouldn't start again. Maybe regulator bad and fried last battery, need to look at it. Rented a uhaul truck and drove them back that way.

only got 4th place in my class in rats hole show, but there were some bikes that had BIG money put into them, superchargers on some, etc. not too worried about it though. feel like this is my best work to date, and fact i drove it 1200 miles to get to Daytona made me proud too, guarantee no other bikes in the show (or at least that class) did that.

so all in all, trip had its challenges and rewards and was an adventure as always. still ended up back here unscathed and nothing i can't fix on the bike with some tinkering, so we'll call it a success by basic standards. Will have more details in the next book when it comes out.
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