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03.13.13 - Bought some Red Line heavy shock proof transmission oil after hearing a lot of recommendations.

03.14.13 - WCC VIN plate.

03.17.13 - WCC-style seat pan courtesy of Devon. Still not sure if I'm running a chip seat or a Danny Gray-style seat with the square front. I'll decide once I get closer to the end.

03.28.13 - Wanted to buy a motor mount from Yankee Engineuity (same kind WCC uses), but they are no longer offering these mounts for sale, if they are even still in business. Found a motor mount and a key switch holder on two separate sites and I held my breath that they would work together. They do, but the motor mount has some extra machining that makes it not flow with the key switch holder. The photo of the part I purchased looked different than what I I'll probably switch it out at some point. It's not a high priority right now. Also got a cheap key fob.

04.09.13 - WCC started offering parts for sale again around this time so I snagged a shift rod. Will free up precious time in machining class since I won't have to make one. Just have to figure out how to press in the spherical bearings without fucking up the finish. I know they use heat to expand the opening.

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