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03.05.13 - New Timken bearings for the rear wheel. Now have the last of the parts I need to do the bearing job on the rear. Thinking I will just take both wheels to the stealership and have them serviced. The bearing tool I bought for the front wheel can't install the bearings without it wanting to go in crooked.

Also trashed my rear axle. Was mocking up my rear end; wheel, axle, spacers and caliper bracket. Installed the axle properly, and started torquing the bolt down. It wasn't torquing right, and when I looked at the opposite side, I realized the welded-on lobe had shifted out of its slot and rotated. When I torqued the axle I started to bend the lobe at an angle. Royally pissed because I made double sure the axle was properly seated before torquing. At least it's something I can fix in class, would just need it welded up.

03.07.13 - Ordered an Ultima starter but there were delays in shipping out the exact model I wanted. So I cancelled my order.

03.13.13 - Though the bike felt good with the broomstick bars and forwards installed, I felt a hair more stretched out than I would have preferred. So I ordered a new set of the same Sporty-style bars I had purchased previously, but in chrome this time. I hacked off and filed the ends to make them as narrow as possible.

Moved into a new (first floor) apartment around this time. Was previously on the third floor. Hauling that frame down two flights was a bitch. Got the new roller going with the new bars. Bike feels a lot more comfortable and laid back.

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