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Let's get this build thread back on the road.

08.08.12 - Brembo 2-piston caliper. I knew pretty much from the beginning of this build that I was going to run Brembo calipers front and rear. My original plan was to use chrome 4-pad calipers front and rear. With the recent change in the direction of the build, I decided to run 2-pot calipers front and rear, like the Penny Saved Dominator. Black finish for no maintenance. Bought just one caliper so if I change my mind I'm not out too much money.

08.06.12 - Bought a number of tools to assist in setting up my rear end. Got some telescoping gauges for measuring for axle spacers. Got a seal puller for rebuilding the Ultima wheel (it came already assembled but I don't trust the setup). Got a dial indicator with a magnetic base for measuring wheel bearing endplay, and some tire iron levers for mounting my tires.

08.24.12 - Oil filter mount for Evo engines. Chrome unit, since I want my drivetrain to be polished and shiny in case I later decide to repaint my bike for a higher-dollar look.

09.01.12 - Bought a transmission gasket since my Ultima unit is leaking oil noticeably. Bought some new Timken bearings and oil seals for the rear wheel.

09.08.12 - Bought a brake stay kit from Bung King. Figured it would be easier to fab a bracket that uses an anchor rod instead of the Softail tab.

09.22.12 - Made some measurements for my front and rear brake caliper brackets, and bought a ton of bolts, washers, and the like. Thinking I will be safety wiring my setup so there's no surprises. Also bought a cheap laser pointer for lining up the rear wheel to the frame backbone.

10.04.12 - Bought a sealed bearing tool for pulling the bearings out of the front wheel, and some grease for assembly.

10.21.12 - Got a transmission mainshaft socket for loosening the big nut holding the pulley in place.

Not much of an update but just getting a lot of tools and little shit for the build. Of course you can't always be dropping in an engine or mounting a new gas more pics coming in the next update.

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