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Somewhat major setback to the build. Having all the parts for the front, I went about trying to figure out how to put it together. Had my factory diagram laid out and all my parts similarly organized on the floor. Started putting the parts together into one of the tubes, pushed it down to the bottom of the tube (with some resistance) when I realized I had fogotten to replace a small plastic bushing on the damper (located between the main spring and rebound spring), with the actual part.

The damper would not come up out of the tube, so I pushed the tube down onto the damper's end against the floor. What I did not realize was that I still had the small aluminum sleeve installed over the end of the damper. When I pushed down on the tube, I jammed the aluminum sleeve up inside the fork tube...

The aluminum sleeve should not fit inside the steel part:

Had to remove the circlip on the inside of the fork tube and hammer out the part, effectively trashing the fork tube in the process. The washer on the inside of the tube was damaged. The good tube is on the left, the bad on the right:

Once I figured out what my mistake was and exactly how the front end components worked together, it was easy for me to assemble the second fork tube. Just have to cut the appropriate length spacers out of PVC.
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