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Originally Posted by Boogeyman View Post
Actually, They will work, you just have to take the screw on top off of your DNA tubes and put it on whatever new tubes you go with. I had to do the same thing with my forks. Your flat screw on top probably has two little dimples in it for a spanner type wrench so you can remove them (I hammered two nails in a 2x4 and used that to remove them). I had a set of DNA forks that leaked from day one. Replaced the bushings and seals twice and it still leaked. I bought pro one tubes and mean street lowers and re-used the DNA trees, no more issues...
oh cool. i was thinking that the top caps were part of the internals and could not use the caps off my dna forks on the new tubes.. i must have got lucky with my front end then. it is the only "low end" brand part i put on my bike and it is the only thing i have not had problems with. it actually exceeded my expectations for the price lol

i was also thinking about buying another front end the right size and trying to sell mine. still in good condition i should be able to get at least couple hundred for it.
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