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I can't believe it took 6 months to go from a roller to almost starting this thing: within hours. Why? Ain't my bike or I'd have it done much faster. And no, I do not have the talent or even close to it with the pool in this place. I'm just a parts changer.

I said this bike was going to nickle and dime him and sure enough. I have to have this rusted out brake master because some famous guy had it on his bike. See the picture I have on my phone? Yeah, well it's junk. Buy me two rebuild kits for the master and slave cylinder. See if your famous parts work this time? Click.

I said I can't get a pedal out of this after the vinny dip and the rebuild kit. Buy me a new master. I'm going to use the other slave so rebuilding this other salve was a waste too, but you just had to have a wet brake.

I said the front end flops because there is so much weight on that brake housing, and 6" is not helping like a willow tree branch you made it. Well, ride it and see? You wanted that retro look so ride oh buy the way, this idiot bottle brushed the cylinders like zip-zip and I can see the old bore in it too. And the pistons look original. What kind of going thru did this guy do? He saw you coming and oh never mind. Click.

I said the fork legs need new bushing sleeves with the new Frank's. Just put it together? Whatever you say. The one fork leaks with the new seal(s). Remember that day when we tied the bike down for inspection and you wiped up my truck bed after we racked the bike back on the lift?

I have no clue how to mickey mouse up that throttle? I need to meguyveer some retard look to it, so you good with that? Whatever works? Yeah, I got something for you that works. You coming over here to star this piece of shit up? Where are the tags? I'm not going to sit, roll this bike out on the road without insurance. You coming prepared or what?

I don't wanna hear your idea of buying a rigid frame and swapping the engine out. I said I have a life of my own. When you shaking this thing down? Make sure you bring your truck so you can get it outta here. No, I didn't check compression. Well, if it starts that's one thing. If not, go bring it to your place and look at it. No, I can't move in my garage because of your shit. What? You're bringing the new frame over? OK, I'll make a list of the parts you'll need. Yeah, OK. No, that was the other day. Yeah right, that day. OK, later (((click)))
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