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Update.. I've been neglecting this for awhile, so here are some pics from mounting the seat and springs. I did this over a month ago, then I had to get on the road for work traveling to 3 different power plants in California and I was gone all the way up the Christmas.

I had a Biltwell seat hinge handy with their new cast cro-moly pivot bung. I ordered a pair of black 3 inch seat springs ($16) and a pair of bolt-through spring seat from Speed Dealer Customs, 1-1/4” Frame Bolt on Seat Spring Mounts | Speed Dealer Customs
Speed Dealer seems a little more expensive for many things compared to other sources (for example compare the bung prices with Bung King), but for things like this I'm pretty happy, the quality is top notch.

Anyway, below are the pics... pretty simple job but remember I'm going through paint and welding on a finished(ish) bike.
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