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Originally Posted by Aussiechop View Post
Cool man, look forward to seeing what you come up with. Anymore pics of your race bike? As I type this I'm trying to find a late model GSXR 600 or 1000.
If you want a great sport bike and plan to #1 not spend a lot of money, and #2 possibly track ride stick with the 600's... The GSXR is great and so is the Kawi ZX6R and the Yamaha R6. The 1000's are only faster in a straight line. Guys show up to track days with brand new liter bikes with $5K is stupid shit upgrades and I go on the track and eat their lunch. The 600's are lighter and turn quicker, better on the brakes into a turn and faster on the throttle coming out, thats racing... If you put money into upgrades put into the suspension before anything else. Rebuild your front forks and rear shock for your body weight and style of riding, thats what makes your bike faster, not power mods and lower tooth count front sprocket so you can do wheelies with the squids...
A 2008 or later low miles 600 will give you the most bang for the buck. I can take a bone stock 600 on the track (with race compound tires as the only upgrade) and destroy any liter bike.
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