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I love the outside the box thinking on that front end, but I do wantto help think through this and make sure that thing is safe and I want to see it work.

I hope it's not the camera angle, otherwise this whole post will sound really dumb... But oh well... better safe than sorry.

From the looks of the pics, from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the coilover, the two pieces of tubing do not look like they are parallel to each other which means that there is probably some play forward and backward in the front two legs. As I understand the geometry of a springer, those two forks in the front and the back need to stay perffectly parallel during the compression and release of the front end. If there is any play between the two, it will most likely cause un-necessary stress on your shock or shock mount (top and bottom), which could lead to failure.

Does that even make any sense? It's hard to describe what I see and put it into text. That said, if there was a mechanism to ensure that the front tubes and rear tubes stay in perfect alignment, this springer should work quite well.

Here's a couple pics... One with what looks like a problem and another of a proposed solution.

Here's an illustration of what looks like a problem to me, but could be the camera angle. It seems like the front and back tube starts at good spacing on the bottom and as it gets closer to the top, that gap get's smaller. I believe it would allow play forward and backward in the front tubes of the springer:

Here is a proposed solution that might even make it look more mechanical and cool if you can make it work, while being functional. Basically you have to stop the top of the front two bars from having any play forward and backward, but you can't make a hard mount otherwise the spring won't compress up and down. What if you built something like a 4 link suspension on a truck/car? So you had a bracket hang off the tripple tree and then a piece of tubing with hiem joints that only allow them to move up or down so the springer can still compress up and down, while holding the two front bars in place so they don't move front to back...

I don't know... sorry for the long winded post but I actually think this is a cool idea and would love to see it come to fruition and be safe. Sorry if this comes off dumb or stepping over the line... just trying to help.
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