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Originally Posted by ShamRock View Post
brakekleen works fine on gettin all the shit off the frame. Doesn't take much just spray it on cloth and rub fast. Done in five minutes.
I second that... Cheap enough that you can go over it a few times so you can rest easy.

I'd probably hose it with a brakleen a few times but even go one further step and pick up some PPG wax and grease remover for a good wipe down before priming. If you do any paintwork... it's a basic staple in the shop. DX330 or DX440. The key to that stuff is wipe on... and wipe off. It only raises the contaminents. Most will tranfer to your rag but you'll want to wipe clean with a fresh rag before it dries. Brakleen first due to cost... then followup with the PPG product.
I've got a leaky mockup motor and trans in my frame now and there's oil on the tubes. Doesn't worry me too much.
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