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Next was to align the rear and get the sprockets lined up. I was having trouble finding a large enough offset front sprocket, so I had 3guyz custom make one for me. Very nice and reasonably priced. Using a piece of angle stock and a laser I got the sprockets aligned, then cut some new spacers. The tire is now centered on the backbone. I have no idea what I'm going to do for a transmission pushrod, it's way out there. Another part I'll have to make.

I've also got an issue with the sprotor caliper. At 7/8" it's too far from the mounting tab on the frame. I may weld a spacer to the frame tab, then weld another support back to the swingarm, making a triangle. Not too clean, but nobody can see under there anyway. Any suggestions here are appreciated!

Now to start mounting the rear fender, something I've been dreading. I started with a blank and made some initial cuts. The issue I have is that the fender is frigging huge, wide, and flat on top. That makes it really hard to get a pleasing shape. I don't want to do a point, everyone does the point. I like the reverse cut, but can't seem to get it to look right. Lots of work to do here.

And where is the bitch going to sit? Not much space back here.


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