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Just a side note here to anyone who is doing this at home and has seen the TV shows where they act as if the tank is going to be sprayed directly with paint. Guys do your best on the body work. It takes some time but the more you do it the better and quicker you get. You dont need to make the tank feel like glass on the outside but this example shows you what plays on some production bikes.

*getting up on my soapbox now*
This tank was made by splitting a Chinese Sporty tank in half then wrapping sheet metal around it to extend the tank then welding it back up. If the maker could be bothered to do a little bit of hand pounding this 1/4 inch (almost 3/8ths in some spots) thick layer of bondo could be reduced to a thin film. The main problem here was not that the tank maker wasn't good enough (I know for a fact he was) but my guess is that the company that put in the order wanted em fast and wanted em cheap and this was the only way he could do it and still make money. Don't fall into the "well fix it with bondo" trap. If you are making this yourself and you get this far then put in the time it takes to get your tank the way you want it in metal.
-Rant over-

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