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Originally Posted by gypsy chopper View Post
I have one in the shop now, but it's an identical Paughco, and they still make this type frame. Even the uber-trick rear braces. Uses a rubbermount FLT/FXR driveline, sans rubber mounts.

It's only real benefit is the shorter driveline and the direct connection of trans to engine.

-thanx man...

-mr gypsy; the wcc thread 'not the norm' has a super nice dyna [posted today]

-ive built and studied fxr/dyna/dresser's and really need a better pic [for my eyes]

-just cant see the rear sw.arm mt., ...again i need a better pic/sorry

-for 5bills cadn, 'she' could be a super deal !!!

-depends what one has for spare parts, that way

-and i know our brothers to the north, have slim pickings for alot of kuul stuff [sux the shipping charges from u.s. to can.]
-Don't Ban Me Bro !!!
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